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These are the highest quality resources and notes that I have found over some years. Previously stored in private notes, I’m slowly publishing everything I’ve found useful — maybe it will help you, too.

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Vision, Mission, and Values are widely misunderstood, and usually poorly used. Values, in particular, are often vague statements that no one would disagree with, and so they communicate nothing. A real Company Value will communicate something when you can invert the value and imagine that being a value somewhere else. The classic example is Facebook’s “Move Fast and Break Things” — “Move Slow and Keep Things Stable” could be e.g. NASA. By contrast, the values of Enron were “Respect, Integrity, Communication, and Excellence.”

I found the best description of the parts of culture over at The Musings of the Big Red Car: Pearls of company culture.

Credit: The Big Red Car

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