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One key point is that company culture is really important to the success of a company, and the main way that companies can set the culture is by hiring people that match it. This is often about things that you might not care about (that’s why it’s not a fit!) and that’s okay. This means that you may get rejected from a job for reasons that are completely outside your control; you may even have been perfectly qualified. Especially difficult is that it’s often nigh impossible to explain why this is the case, and so you may not even get a reason for being rejected. It can be hard to process this, but try not to take these rejections too personally. It’s not your fault, and it’s certainly not a judgment of you as a person. Have you ever met someone who was a perfectly fine person but you just didn’t quite connect
with? Yeah.

Entire Course on Getting Hired

Preparing Your Resume

Writing a good resume

Key Learnings to Apply

Resume Workbook (worth every penny)

Preparing for Interviews


Interview Series: entire process of interviewing from preparation to follow up

How to Interview

There are great podcasts on specific topics you may be wondering about from Manager Tools under Changing Jobs > Being Interviewed > Preparation.

Preparing for First Round Interview/Phone Screen

An excellent overview of how to prepare

Preparing for Coding Questions

Coding samples are a controversial but standard component of programming interviews. Live coding exercises are not representative of real-life situations, especially due to the pressure, while take-homes tend to filter out those who have a family (or are busy for other reasons). Unfortunately, employers learn time and time again that they are necessary because there are [so many applicants for jobs who are not able to do even the most basic programming tasks.](
(Seriously, read that to get some perspective). Net net, you need to be prepared.

There’s some good ideas to prep in the writeup above on Perspective, tips and tricks.

Practice Questions

Highly Recommended Book: Cracking the Coding Interview

Choosing the Company

Questions to Ask Before Deciding


The Gold Standard Resource on Salary Negotiation

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